Effect of Some broomrape control methods on growth and seed yield attributes of faba bean (Vicia Faba L.) cultivars

Bayoumi, T. Y.

Effect of Some broomrape control methods on growth and seed yield attributes of faba bean (Vicia Faba L.) cultivars [electronic resource]. - p.17-24

Includes references.

Broomrape (Orobanche crenata Forsk.) is a major root-parasite faba bean (Vicia jaba L), that seriously limits crop cultivation in Egypt. This parasitic weed is difficult to control and difficult to evaluate and the resistance identified so far is of polygenic nature. The present investigation was carried out at the Experimental Farm, Faculty of Agriculture, Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt during 2011/2012 and 2012/2013 seasons. Four faba bean cultivars i.e. Giza 3, Misr 1 and Giza 843 compared with Triple white cultivar (susceptible) were evaluated on an Orobanche naturally infested soil and an Orobanche free soil. Three controlling methods (Coverage with polyethylene, foliar application of glyphosate herbicide and biological control with Trichoderma fungi) were applied for resistance to broomrape in addition to control (without any treatment). At harvest date, all the weed control methods recorded significantly lower broomrape population than weedy control. Application of glyphosate recorded the lowest broomrape population. Our results showed host plant specific qualitative differences in the composition of carbohydrates, proteins and phenols. Detection of carbohydrates, proteins and phenolic acids in leaves of faba bean, indicated the increasin carbohydrates, proteins and phenols in tolerant host plants than susceptible. Results showed the superiority of Giza 843 in Orobanche and therefore these cultivars is recommended for breeding to tolerant Orobanche. There was a negative and high correlation between total dry weights of Orobanche, infection severity and both of total carbohydrates and phenols.

Fava bean--Seeds.
Fava bean--Diseases and pests--Resistance.
Parasitic plants--Biological control

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