• Visits: The library receives visits from individuals and groups. The library guides the researchers through a team of specialists specialized in providing advice, guidance and guidance on the various activities of the library and its various services that can be utilized. This service is provided to individuals and groups of researchers from students, institutes and colleges.

    • Libraries Technical Support: ENAL role is to supervise institutes, labs, and stations libraries related to ARC (Agricultural Research center), developing it making training for their staff with ALIS (local library system) , ENAL providing training by 2 stages for 16 libraries, following the libraries and provide technical support for them, and welcome for more libraries from ARC.

    • Exchange and gifts : ENAL grant stations, labs, and institutes libraries special various collection including books, journals, and scientific publications issued by agricultural and veterinary organizations distributing EJAR (Egyptian Journal of Agricultural Research) on faculty of agriculture and faculty of veterinary all over Egypt

    • Collecting agricultural thought production: ENAL collects all scientific thesis (Master & Ph.D) attained by ARC researchers in addition to bulletins & publications issued by faculty of agricultural & faculty of veterinary being available for researchers to meet their requirements.

    • ENAL Cloud: ENAL collects promotion researches approved by technical committee classifying it according to its subjects to be available on ENAL website.

  • Workshops: Presenting a series of scientific and practical workshops under the title "How to do it…?", in order to exchange experiences between researchers from different institutes, laboratories and research stations at the Agricultural Research Center, and to clarify how to conduct research experiments in a precise scientific methodology to get the more correct possible results, and to achieve communication between the community of researchers in agricultural sciences and related sciences. ENAL has care specialized and varied topics in agricultural sciences and related sciences. The workshops will be provided by expertise researchers.

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