The ENAL library offers a wide range of services including:

  • Reading Areas: The library provides a range of study places from carrel for individual study to open collective reading area.
  • Library Orientation: Staff of ENAL is available for advice and assistance on all aspects of library uses. Professional librarians are on hand at the library to offer guidance on using the library facilities and computerized services.
  • Document Delivery: The library provides a document delivery service whereby journal articles not available in its collection are obtained from external sources. The library is a member of several networks for inter-library lending. Both the item requested and reprints themselves are transmitted electronically to ensuring speed and efficiency of delivery.
  • Library Depositary: The library depositary is a closed access area for older and less used books and journals, located at premises to the library. All items are listed in the library catalogue, indicating depositary as the location. The depositary request service enables you to submit request to access books, maps and journals held at the library depositary.
  • Photocopying: There are 3 photocopying machines on each floor The library staff provides this service in person to patrons.
  • Training Programs: Training courses on computer applications, library science, english language are organized. A seminar room with 2 computer labs equipped with 12 PCs in each one is available for this service.

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